Università Iuav di Venezia has designed the project in the frame of the initiatives for Expo2015 and it has then become a real entrepreneurial activity.
The dream of a young team has become true.

Cycling Venice Lagoon is not only a project that will be taking place in the frame of the initiative “VeniceToExpo2015”, but it is above all a start-up created by a young team of Venetians who love bikes and the Venice Lagoon area and aims to show you a different and unusual way of discovering the Lagoon. While riding a bike, away from the hectic and chaotic tourism traffic that is not suitable for the fragility of this place, you will be able to discover the past, the present and the future of the Lagoon, where “water” is the narrative thread!

With our tours we promote a kind of slow and sustainable tourism, that offers breathtaking views of the islands and Venice lagoon while riding an inch from the water in a really unique environment. What’s more, you can enjoy our “lectures on bike”, the result of a project of a team of university researchers from IUAV University and Venice International University, that focuses on the water issues of the Lagoon (fishing, salt, etc), very suitable for curious travelers.

Our bike tours will extremely surprise you and you will let you fall in love with these places. Enjoy the tour on a bike with your friends and family.

We want to guide you in this unusual view of Venice Lagoon based on sustainability: are you ready? Bring with you your curiosity and your eagerness to ride in freedom: we will do the rest!

Ride on!