The Host of Cycling Venice Lagoon – Marco Rossato

VENEZIA – 08/02/2018

SUBJECT: Telling you something about me

Hi all,
I’m a small businessman, city planner architect, professional bike guide AIG2R (recognized by Italian laws), husband and daddy (really patient ☺).
Riding a bike, day-trips and the sense of freedom, with architecture are my passions since I was a child.
In 2014 I founded “Cycling Venice Lagoon”: at the beginning my family and friends called me crazy, except my wife Daniela who’s always backing my projects.
Step by step some good results have arrived and this project since the University now is a successful entrepreneurial activity.
The willing to let know, to let discover and offer something different, not only the interest for historical-artistic monuments in Venice but also his places, landscapes, naturalistic aspects and the less known everyday life. These are the heart and the meaning of our tours.

Ah of course: smiling, having fun and the will to stay together meeting other people with the same feeling as you!

I look forward to meeting you,