CVL Expo Venice 2015

Expo Venice – Concept project

Cycling Venice Lagoon: how to reach Venice Lagoon by bike is a cultural project that comes from an idea by Ruben Baiocco (IUAV – University of Architecture of Venice) and Luca Pes (VIU – Venice International University), approved by the “Expo Venice Committee” proposal n. 109 of “VeniceToExpo2015”.
Cycling Venice Lagoon begins its activities in the frame of the event “Expo Venice” and will continue to be developed in the next years as well.

The project is associated with the trademark “VeniceToExpo2015 – expo Milano 2015”.
Cycling Venice Lagoon aims to disclose a sustainable perspective of Venice Lagoon, of its future, past and present, of its landscape, its islands and the mainland as a complex system – environmentally, socially and economically speaking. You can discover all these aspects by cycling and by taking part in “lectures on bike”, whose contents, by Ruben Baiocco and Luca Pes, will be collected in a volume: “Cycling Venice Lagoon: how to reach the Venice Lagoon’s water by Bicycle. A Sustainable Storyboard about the Future, Past and Present of Venetian Mainland and Islands. “
The services will be secured and managed by the start-up “Cycling Venice Lagoon” (whose founder is Marco Rossato); the start-up aims to develop a service for the sustainable use of the lagoon environment, defined “slow tourism” and “eco-tourism”.

Lectures on bike

The lectures on bike are a short lesson on the lagoon’s system that focuses on sustainability and is meant to reveal how nature can create a perfect balance between water and land.
The main topic is the water, and the water is also the narrative thread, between past, present and future of the tour that focuses on the Lagoon sustainability.

Water to experience: sandbanks, reclamations, canals, islands, harbours and warehouses.
Water as a source of food, including fishing and crop; salt and the Venetian wells.
Water to cure and get pleasure from, sand and sun.
This is the result of a “university research team” that provides you with a “bicycle” to explore the Lagoon.
Ride on.
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